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Institute of Retail Management

Competence Centre E-Commerce

The competence centre for e-commerce analyses the changes in consumer behaviour and their impact on e-commerce.

The competence centre for e-commerce focuses its research on online retailing and provides valuable insights and help to business in finding the apt approach to online activities and formulating a respective channel strategy.

Importance and positioning of online retailing
The competence centre for e-commerce possesses extensive knowledge of the Swiss online market thanks to our empirical long-term analyses of the importance and positioning of online retailing, our consulting expertise and extensive contact network. The biennial event «St.Galler Internettag» has developed into the biggest e-commerce conference in Switzerland and the accompanying report «Der Schweizer Online-Handel», published since 1999, outlines the development of the online-channel in Switzerland. Our expertise is further strengthened through various consulting and research projects in collaboration with leading online retailers.

It is also the aim of the competence centre for e-commerce to impart students at University of St.Gallen with extensive e-commerce knowledge and foster the education and qualification of future employees.

Further information

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Oliver Emrich, PhD
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